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Do you know the Safe Operation Procedures and Daily Maintenance of High Frequency Vibrating Screen?

Jul. 24 , 2020

As a Mining Shaker Screen Supplier, share with you.


1. Must be familiar with the scope of equipment and technical performance parameters.

2. Must have sufficient understanding and mastery of equipment structure, principle and common sense of maintenance.

3. Familiar with the process flow and equipment control of this system.

Polyurethane High Frequency Screen

Polyurethane High Frequency Screen

Inspection before driving

1. Check the area around the equipment to ensure that no people are stranded to avoid personal injury when starting up.

2. Follow the sequence of the process system to ensure that the empty screen starts, and all safety equipment is in a safe and operational state.

3. Check whether the feeding and discharging chute and the chute under the screen are unblocked.

4. Check whether the sieve plate, bead bolts are loose, and the wear of the sieve plate.

5. Check whether the V-belt and flexible sheet are in good condition and the degree of tightness is appropriate, whether they are damaged, and if they are damaged, they should be replaced in time.

6. Check the connection between the universal coupling and the connecting bolt of the transition pressure plate, and whether the rubber spring is damaged.

7. The vibrating screen must be started under no load, and the material can be fed after the amplitude is stable.


1. Pay attention to check the distribution of materials on the screen, and make appropriate adjustments if necessary to ensure uniform distribution of materials on the screen.

2. Observe whether the vibration frequency and amplitude of the vibrating screen are abnormal; whether the operation is stable.

3. Check the temperature of the motor, vibration exciter, and transmission bearing seat.

4. Check the vibration damping of the rubber spring.

5. Check whether there are abnormal noises such as collisions and knocks during the operation of the vibrating screen. If it is found, it must be stopped in time.


1. In any case, as long as there is a major personal and equipment accident, the equipment should be stopped before contacting the centralized control room and related positions.

2. Under normal circumstances, the sequence of the process system should be followed. The vibrating screen should be stopped under no load, and it must not be stopped with materials.

3. Pay attention to the large amplitude swing when parking to ensure the safety of the equipment.

Safe use

1. During the installation and maintenance of the exciter, there must be no hard knocks or other phenomena, to ensure that the original supporting use of the bearing is not interchangeable; the thickness and quantity of the eccentric block or counterweight plate attached to the eccentric block must be the same, and the radial direction of the bearing The clearance should be C3 level.

2. The connection between the universal joint and the exciters on both sides must be concentric, the eccentric blocks on both sides are in the free plumb position, the universal joint connecting bolts can pass through smoothly; if there is a deviation during installation, check the universal joint Whether the joints at both ends are concentric, do not swing the angle of the eccentric block for installation.

3. The vibrating screen should be installed with springs with the same stiffness. The spring stiffness on both sides of the feed end and the discharge end should be as consistent as possible, and the allowable height difference should not exceed 3mm.

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