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Why does the Polyurethane Screen Have Curve Fracture?

Jul. 22 , 2020

As a Mining Shaker Screen Supplier, share with you.

Polyurethane mesh is a good material. It not only has elasticity, but also has the advantages of corrosion resistance, tensile resistance, flame retardancy and so on. When we see this, some customers may have questions. Do you really resist tension? So here, the editor will introduce to you why the polyurethane screen is broken. I hope to help users who are confused!

Mining High Frequency Screen

Mining High Frequency Screen

From the following points, we can easily eliminate the break of the polyurethane screen curve. Please note that the balance is too long to form a tensioned screw, and the size should be selected in the selection of the vibrating screen.

The shape and size of the edge of the curve do not match the tensioner plate; the tensioner of the screen machine does not match the tension plate and the screen machine, the tension plate (hook) is worn thin or deformed; the rubber pad is worn or empty; the planning and structure of the screening machine Defects; welding cracks on the screen body cause damage to the screen structure

The stiffness of the vibrating screen is uneven, and the support bar of the vibrating screen box is lower than the screen, that is, there is a certain distance between the support bar and the screen, and the vibrating screen will also form linear cracks in the screen.

How to adjust the vibrating screen failure?

The material moves on one side: check the steering or positioning of the motor to see if the two sides of the motor are even, such as uneven adjustment; the red star of the vibration suddenly becomes large and small: the leads of the two motors start synchronously; the two ends of the motor are eccentric The angle is wrong, the screw is loose when it appears; the bearing of the motor is a bit loose; the transmission plate and the workbench; the plate; the steel plate is too small.

Changing the phase angle of the upper and lower hammers can change the movement trajectory and residence time of the material on the screen. In order to adapt the separation state of the screen to different materials such as material distribution, processing capacity, separation efficiency and net speed, all changes must be adjusted To a good state.

The angle of the hammer cannot be adjusted. Open the adjustment hole of the bottom barrel, open the fixing bolt of the heavy hammer, and adjust the phase angle of the up and down weight to the opposite direction of the backward material of the outlet. Then place a small amount of material on the screen, make the screen run and check the screen The trajectory of the material. If the parameters are all good, stop the screw tightening and the adjustment is complete.

The adjustment of the added weight. In the test of the top and bottom weight hammers, additional weights are installed. Its function is to increase the exciting force of the machine screen, and the increased and reduced exciting force depends on the number of layers and the specific gravity of the material. Therefore, the screening machine can achieve the shielding effect, and the additional weight added or reduced can achieve the shielding effect.

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