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What are the 4 Manufacturing Factors that Affect the Reliability of the Vibrating Screen?

Aug. 15 , 2020

As a Mining Shaker Screen Supplier, share with you. For a long time, domestic large-scale vibrating screens generally suffer from premature failure and poor reliability, which have brought considerable losses to production and enterprises. Comparing imported original equipment and domestically produced equipment, it is found that manufacturing techniques and processes play an important role in product quality.

Urethane Screen Mesh

Urethane Screen Mesh

Large vibrating screen structure

Before understanding the manufacturing process of the vibrating screen, we still need to have a certain understanding of its structure!

Common large-scale vibrating screens (generally referring to vibrating screens with a screen surface area of not less than 20 square meters) include linear screens, banana screens, high-frequency screens, circular vibrating screens, etc. These vibrating screens are generally mainly composed of screen boxes, screen surfaces, vibrators, It is composed of transmission device and vibration isolation device.

Under the action of the vibrator, the screen box and the screen surface produce circular, elliptical or linear vibrations, which loosen the material and make regular movements such as throwing and falling on the screen surface, so as to realize the classification, dehydration and separation of the material And other purposes.

The following is a brief introduction to the processing of parts and the assembly process of the machine!

1. Processing of side panels

The side plates are large in area and irregular in shape. According to the vibration force requirements, the main side plates are not allowed to be spliced, but the entire steel plate is used for blanking.

When the traditional flame cutting machine is used to cut the material, the steel plate is deformed due to heat, which affects the form and position tolerance and dimensional tolerance of the side plate, and affects the appearance due to the roughness of the cut.

This problem can be avoided by using the CNC plasma cutting machine to blank the entire plate, and the steel plate can be leveled by shaping measures before the blanking, which can prevent the steel plate from having many defects, and the blanking effect is better.

In order to ensure the symmetry of the side plate, the side plate, the reinforcing plate connected with the side plate and the reinforcing angle steel can be stacked and spot welded. The traditional process uses manual scoring of all holes. Due to the influence of human factors, the accuracy of the scribing is difficult to guarantee. However, the use of planar CNC drilling can realize one-time clamping and simultaneously drill all holes of each part, greatly improving the work efficiency and operating accuracy. For the side plate using the splint type vibration exciter, it is also necessary to machine the mounting hole of the bearing seat through a boring machine, and then disassemble the side plate and polish the solder joints.

2. Processing of beams

The screen beam is a component connected between the two sides of the plate, and the number is large. Usually, the length of the screen beam of a large vibrating screen is more than 3.60m. Generally, the screen beams of large-scale vibrating screens include driving beams, cross beams and reinforced beams. Among them, the driving beam is the main body of the box-type vibration exciter, and the welding is relatively complicated; the cross beam and the reinforced beam have the function of connecting and supporting the screen plate, which is a comparison The manufacturing quality of key components that are prone to failures such as fracture and damage directly affects the service life of the vibrating screen.

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