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How to Deal With the Damage of the Polyurethane Screen?

Jul. 22 , 2020

As a Quarry High Frequency Screen Factory, I would like to share with you that there are many reasons for the damage of the polyurethane screen screen. The most common ones are the poor quality of the screen, the accumulation of clay, and the wrong steering of the vibration motor.

Quarry High Frequency Screen for Mining

Quarry High Frequency Screen for Mining

What should I do if I encounter these questions? There are mainly the following points for your reference:

First select a qualified polyurethane screen. The upper sieving layer of the screen and the lower stress layer must be closely integrated; the tensioning technology of the screen must be excellent in workmanship, otherwise when the stress layer is tight, the drill cuttings may not be discharged. When we select polyurethane screens, we must recognize the professional manufacturers and ensure the quality of the products.

In order to avoid the accumulation of clay on the polyurethane screen, it is necessary to arrange and protect it.

When adjusting the steering of the motor, if the motor of the polyurethane screen rotates inward by mistake, although the ejection angle is also forward, the drill cuttings have a backward rolling force, so the forward movement speed of the drill cuttings will be significantly slower. When it is severe, the drill cuttings may not be discharged normally.

During operation, the screen plate of the vibrating screen is subject to the impact of large gangue and materials for a long time, and it is easy to bend and deform. Generally, the edge glue of the screen plate will peel off from the screen frame in about 1 month, causing the screen plate to fall off. After the sieve plate falls off, not only will it affect the production time when it is replaced, but also the bulk material will be placed in the warehouse, which will also block the pipeline during the coal washing production process.

In order to solve the problem of the sieve plate falling off, a conjoined sieve plate with two sieve plates combined into one is used, and a hole is drilled in the middle part of the conjoined sieve plate, and it is directly fixed on the auxiliary beam of the sieve machine with screws to ensure that the Will fall off. At the same time, this move doubles the area of the sieve plate, reduces the impact force of the bulk material on the sieve plate, delays the deformation of the sieve plate, and prolongs the service life of the sieve plate.

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